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DPS - Auth Complete

If you want to delay processing a credit card payment. This method checks that the funds are available and reserves the funds for the total payment for a set period (14 days for Visa and Mastercard). Within this period, you can complete the transaction. This is handy when you might not have the products in stock, but wish to take orders, or if you have varying freight amounts that are too difficult to work out prior to knowing what the total order is.

When processing the payment, you may change the final payment, provided you have contacted the card holder/purchaser and have their permission. For example, if they ordered a large item that needs to be shipped overseas, you would work out the shipping costs, contact the customer, advise them the shipping charges and get their permission to adjust their credit card amount. It can also be used to reduce the amount paid for the order, eg the customer makes an initial order of 2 chickens and 1 pig. But the pigs are not in stock, you can amend the order and charge the customer for just the chickens.

Please note that only certain banks will support this feature. Please contact DPS if you would like to find out for if this will work with your bank.

Payment Express (DPS) supports Auth/Completion. An "Auth" transaction verifies that funds are available for the requested card and amount and reserves the specified amount. A "Completion" transaction is sent at a later date to cause funds transfer for the previously authorised amount, or a smaller amount if the total original value is no longer required. This transaction set is useful when the merchant needs to ensure that funds up to a certain limit are available but the actual total amount is not yet known or goods or services have not yet been delivered.

If you would like to have this enabled on your Zeald website, you should contact Payment Express and make the request. You should ask them for "PX Pay and PX Post keys" which you will need to email to Zeald support. DPS will enable the Auth complete feature from their end. There is no additional fee for Zeald to amend your DPS setup on your Zest website.

Please note that this method will create significant admin for you to process payment and will need to be done for all orders - not just the ones that you need to change the total amount.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Be aware that Payment Express considers auth complete transactions as two transactions for each sale.  If you have overages, you may need to subscribe to a higher DPS plan with us.