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Upcoming end of life for windows XP, Office 2003 on April 8

April 2nd, 2014 02:28 PM.   1 comments

On April 8, Windows XP reaches the end of it's supported life.  After this, Microsoft will not release security fixes, and given XP's poor security record this will likely mean that within a short time it will be vulnerable to a large number of malware attacks and security issues.  At the same time, Microsoft will cease to support Office 2003, which will lead to similar issues.

We eliminated tech support for Internet Explorer 8, the browser on most XP systems, quite some time ago, however this will lead to a further reduction in our level of support, as IE8 machines will progressively become more and more often exploited. At some point it will reach a stage where we need to block IE8 to preserve people's website security. We encourage anyone still on XP to upgrade as soon as possible.  

Similarly, the dropping of Office 2003 support means we will no longer be officially supporting file exports to Excel 2003; although in practice, we will continue to support the file format until a majority of other applications are upgraded to no longer use it, we can't fix bugs specifically in Office 2003.  In the case of Office, free solutions such as Google Apps, Openoffice, or the latest version of Microsoft Office 2013 are the recommended upgrade options.


Karl Woodson from says ...
Yes you are right. People will face many security issues on windows XP so better option is to update you windows XP to windows 7 or later version.