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Email problems - resolved

Written by Courtney Brown on August 13th, 2012.      0 comments

This morning we had reports of clients unable to access their email - this affected those who had their emails hosted with us through the Zeald Domain and Email Manager. This was resolved at 9am today and our system engineer explained the cause of the issue:

There are two customer mail servers, and both have a replicated database with one IP, and one IP with failover to access the database. One of the servers (mail1-1) had a kernel panic in the morning and didn't fail over the IP to the other server, so when people tried to login, the server could not access the database to authenticate. We restarted mail1-1 forcefully and released the IP to the working server (mail1-2), then the services restarted.

This is resolved and emails will be coming through again. If you are having trouble, try resetting your Domain and Email Manager password at, or call our Support team for assistance.