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System Status
Recent server outages affecting your website with Zeald
You may have noticed some interruption with your website availability lately. These outages have been caused by DDoS attacks. Simply put, a DDoS attack simulates millions of computers trying to access a website at the same time. This puts tremendous stress on the online infrastructure and can make accessing a website difficult, or impossible.
Christmas holidays support 2018
Zeald will be on break for the Christmas Holidays starting Saturday the 22nd of December 2018 and we will be returning to work on Monday the 7th of January 2019. While most of the Zeald team will be enjoying a well-deserved break, there will be some staff members working through to assist you over the holiday period, should you require.
Zeald change SSL providers to solve Google Symantec distrust issue
Network Issue
UPDATE: Websites are coming back online and the problem looks to have been resolved. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide updates if required. Thank you all for your patience.

We are currently experiencing a network issue with our up-stream provider which is affecting a large number of Zeald websites.
Engineers are working on the issue as a matter of priority and we hope to have it resolved as soon as possible.
We will continue to update you via Facebook as updates come to hand.
We thank you for your patience and apologise for the inconvenience.
For any other questions or concerns please contact our support team on 0508 932 748 or email
Server Issue- RESOLVED
A small number of our clients may currently be experiencing server issues. Our team is currently working to resolve this. Please call our Support line if you have any concerns 0508 932 748 ext 1.
Network Issue
We are aware of a network issue with our hosting provider which may affect some users and intermittently cause Zeald websites to load slowly. We are aware of the issue and have notified Webdrive who have acknowledged the issue and working to resolve the problem.
Pixlr Issues - Unable to edit images - RESOLVED
**Update - This issue is now resolved, images can be edited when logged in using Google Chrome**

Our image editing service provider is currently experiencing technical issues surrounding their site's security certificate. Although this doesn't represent any security risk, as our Website Manager is always secure, most browsers will not allow the image editor to load in the context of this.

We are in contact with Pixlr's support team - and are working at getting it resolved as soon as possible. We will make any updates here.

In the meantime, you can use the image editor here: You will need to download the photos you wish to edit, and re-upload them after edits have been made.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience!
Webdrive outage - RESOLVED

One of our bandwidth providers in New Zealand, Webdrive, has experienced a distributed denial of service attack against a site on their network, and this has caused an outage of approximately 15 minutes for many of our NZ hosted websites.  This should be partially resolved now as Webdrive have had to block access to the site being attacked - but their network is not 100%, so some packet loss and slowness may still occur. We are in touch with Webdrive, and we will keep you updated as to when this is resolved.

Resolved: All sites should now be operating normally. Please get in touch with Support if you continue to experience problems.



Scheduled Maintenance for NZ & AU websites
Scheduled Maintenance for NZ & Australian websites tonight between 9.30pm and 2am. Please note that websites may be a little slower than usual but there should not be any downtime. We also recommend you avoid sending any Email Marketing campaigns during this time. Thank you for your understanding.
Website Outage
As a result of some scheduled maintenance last night, some of our websites may be down. We are aware of this issue and we are working to get affected websites up as soon as possible! We apologise for any inconvenience.

UPDATE - All affected websites should now be back up and visible. If you think your website is still affected please contact the Support team (Ext 1) so we can check for you. Thank you for your understanding.

FURTHER UPDATE - Server maintenance was carried out on one of our server pools with an expectation of 0% downtime , and the server clusters were running on half the normal capacity during maintenance. When the maintenance was completed, the servers came back online and unfortunately during this process the disks weren't mounted on some of the servers before the application servers started, causing some of websites to give an error. This was limited to few sites on some of our server clusters , and we can confirm that this issue is solved now.
Scheduled Maintenance for NZ websites
Scheduled Maintenance for NZ websites tonight between 10pm and 2am. Please note that websites may be a little slower than usual but there should not be any downtime. We also recommend you avoid sending any Email Marketing campaigns during this time. Thank you for your understanding.
Email delays
You may experience delays in sending emails through our servers - this could affect email newsletter campaigns. We are hoping to have this fixed soon but emails may be delayed for a couple of hours. We apologise for any inconvenience.
Freephone number not working
Update 4pm: This is fixed.

Our freephone number 0508 932 748 is down for Vodafone users. Please call us on 09 415 7575 in the mean time. Vodafone is looking into this to fix it as soon as possible.
International Orcon Connectivity Issue
One of our providers, Orcon, is having an international connectivity issue. This may affect some websites which are hosted on our international servers - AUS, UK and US. Orcon are aware of the issue, please bear with us if you are affected. We will post more information if available.
Server outage on Jan 23rd - Webdrive incident report
We have received an incident report from Webdrive, our primary server hosting facility, regarding server outages yesterday (January 23rd) with the following information:

At approximately 13:15 NZDT a redundant network switch that connects cloud hypervisors failed (cause currently unknown) - an engineer was dispatched to investigate and found the device to be non-responsive (dead). The engineer returned to collect replacement equipment when a notification was received that the second of the redundant switches connecting cloud hypervisors had also subsequently failed. The failed switch was replaced and the service was restored.The second failed switch is also currently being replaced.

It is an extremely rare occurrence that two individual devices should fail within such a brief window. The exact cause of the hardware failures is currently unknown and will be further investigated. 

Our focus is currently on ensuring that we have both switches replaced and service fully restored (with full fail over capability). 

This outage affected all of our Webdrive-hosted servers, which accounts for the majority of Zeald websites.