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Australian Hosted Websites Issue

Published on
Zeald Australian hosted websites are having a connectivity issue with our provider. We have notified our provider and hopefully they can fix the problem and have it up and running as soon as possible. We apologize for the downtime

Update from Provider;

In the midst of severe thunderstorms our data centre lost mains power at approx. 10:33am AEST (GMT+10) on Sunday 18'th of November, 2012. Due to a technical fault with the power switching equipment the generator did not automatically start and the UPS’s protecting the data centre discharged, resulting in a loss of power to all systems.

Staff immediately responded to the outage manually starting the backup generator and then started working on getting all systems back online. Most customer services had been restored by approx 12:00pm with some services taking longer to get back online.

Under normal circumstances in the event of mains failure load is briefly supplied by UPS's and the diesel generator automatically starts within a few seconds.

Entity Data is working with our suppliers to identify and correct the issue.

We would like to apologise to the customers impacted by this outage.

Warm Regards,
Entity Data
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