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After a careful and thorough study of top international charity websites, we brought together the distinct features and design elements to develop the best, if not most outstanding, charity template ever produced

Browse through our sample template.

We designed new features and components that will help boost ZEST websites.





Easy-to-find donation button links are integral part of your website presence and is probably  the most important element in a charity website. It helps convert visitors into donors.

The charity template is built on the ZEST eCommerce engine to allow users choose a preset value or specify their own donation amount and checkout.

Our charity website immediately takes a donor to the donation process after clicking a button or link. This increases conversion rates that will help boost and support your cause.




If you’re selling products as a way to fund your projects, the latest Zest Ecommerce engine can show up to five categories per row, displaying only the top main categories for a more polished look of the page. 
If you click anywhere on the box, it would load a page that displays all of your current items available for sale.


From the sample TimeOut website, if you click any of these featured products shown above, it loads the product description, add to cart button, and the option to choose the number of items your clients would like to purchase from a particular product.

For other websites with more categories and products, clicking a product category would load the entire range of products under such a category.



Blogs / News


Share the latest news about your organisation or write about new projects coming up. GEM’s modern lead generation websites include a content management system that allows you to create blogs and news updates that are relevant to your non-profit organization.

This is ZEST’s modern blog feature that allows the admin to specify tags for each post to help users on the frontend navigate as topics or categories. The admin can specify a primary image that appears on the card page as a thumbnail and on the blog post as a Title image.



Image Galleries in the Rich Text Editor

An admin can add images as a numbered list in the rich text editor and they will automatically display on the frontend as a slideshow.


An admin can add images as a bulleted list and they will automatically display on the frontend in a Mozaic format.


Projects Collection

Showcase your projects in our Gallery feature. Attract new volunteers, show donors what your charity is about, and demonstrate why people who may need your assistance can rely on you for help. Share pictures, videos and write descriptions for each project. 

Using a similar design and function to the Blog, the Projects feature is administered as a collection, which is a handy feature for ZEST 4 websites.



Staff Collection

Introduce your website visitors to the people behind your organization. Let them know the role of each one and how their roles enable you to provide assistance to people who need support.

ZEST enables a handy collection that allows the administrator to easily and edit staff profiles for the website.



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