Why am I getting charged the monthly subscription fee before I go live?

Once your website is built it receives  all the benefits of a live site.

Once the website is built and handed to you it is being hosted on our cluster/servers. It takes up space and costs money to be hosted there. It has to be hosted there even though it is not live so that the website manager system can function fully and the information and data be added to it. It is treated just like a live site, we are only hiding it from public view.

While it is on the server/cluster it is receiving all of the benefits of our system that are describes in What is the receiving monthly subscription fee for?

Once built your site attracts the same costs to Zeald whether you are live or not.

Once your site is built is is hosted on our system and is benefiting from all of the Zeald's system. It is getting the benefits of research and development, secure and advanced hosting and support. Whether your site is live or not does not effect your site being updated and improved, protected and supported. The cost to Zeald remain the same if you are live or not.

This is not something we spring on you.

In the order form it clearly states that the monthly subscription fees will apply from your websites completion date. The completion date is when you are advised that your website is ready for loading all of your information and data. This is not the "go-live' date or the 'website launch' date.


Our policy is to give our customers at least one month subscription for free. Depending on the timing of when a site build is finished, some of our customers get close to two months subscription for free.

We encourage you to take advantage of the free period and try and get as much information and data loaded onto your site as possible.

If you find you need help to get this done in a timely manner please contact our Support Team or check out some options here.