Why don't I have a personal account manager?

Deal directly with the specialist

  • Employ train and support business consultants to help you plan the website.
  • Employ designers to design the website, we employ developers to build the website.
  • Have testers to check quality.
  • Employ and train friendly patient technical support specialists to help you load and manage your website
  • Employ and train friendly patient technical support specialists.
  • Employ a specialist team to manage the hosting of your website to ensure it is safe, reliable and fast loading.
This system means that you are able to deal directly with a business analyst to plan your website. You connect directly to a designer to ensure that you understand your website design and you are happy with it.

If you have custom work done on your website, we will often connect you directly to the developer, otherwise we have developed this phase of the build so that it does not require your input. Once the website has been developed we will test it to ensure the quality and when we are happy we will hand it back to you.

To help you load the website we have a dedicated support team, who will help you find the answers to any of your queries.

By talking directly with the specialists you get the advice and guidance directly from the specialist. For example during the design phase you connect directly with the designer.

Your previous website design experiences

You may be used to dealing with a boutique website design agency where the website designer is also the developer and also the sales person and also the after sales support and training.
At Zeald we know this method does not work, perhaps that is why you are with Zeald now? We realised that for a website to be truly successful, it requires specialists within the various disciplines within the website build process. One person can not do all these things themselves well.

Project manager software

Zeald uses a software based project management system that keeps projects on track. It is software that helps all of our specialists work well within their fields yet co-operatively with each other to ensure the timely delivery of your project.

It is more expensive

To have a single point of contact throughout the build process, who is dedicated to managing your project often adds inefficiencies and of course involves additional wages for a specialist project manager.

We realize that you may like a project manager, so we do offer the service but there is an additional charge.  Please speak with your E-Business consultant.