iFrames are used to embed a website within a website - this is widely used when embedding pages such as blogs and forms, or a third-party accommodation booking module, as per the example below: The main advantage of iFraming is to keep everything within your own website, meaning your visitors do not need to leave the website in order to place their booking or read your blog.

There are two ways to achieve this:
1. By embedding the HTML code or
2. By inserting the link in an iFrame component as detailed below

  • First you'll need to contact our Support team to enable the iFrame functionality for your website.
  • Once this is enabled, go to the page you want to place the iFrame onto, in Live Edit mode.
  • Click on the Add component list and choose to create an iFrame component.

  • Once this has been added, insert the URL of the page you would like to embed within your website
  • Now you can set the width and height of the frame to adjust it within your website.
  • Save