Embed Source code


This is not officially supported (in the sense that you can easily break your site doing this, and if you do require us to help fix the issue it may attract additional charges).  Also if you require assistance or find a problem with the source code you are given by a third party we are generally unable to assist you and you need to contact the third party for assistance, or obtain a customisation to embed this source.  This is only recommended for advanced users and you do it at your own risk.

We recommend you test it out on a hidden page first, then you can see how it works/looks before you decide if you want to add it to a live page.

If adding to the home page - it is best to put it in it's own component - you can do that by clicking on the "Add component" button at the top right of the website and then drag it down to where you want it to go. 


How to do it:

  1. Obtain your HTML code.  Many sites such as facebook, youtube, google maps etc will provide a way to obtain a snippet of code that you can embed in your site (search their site for it, sometimes they will call it a "Widget" or "Badge").  HTML source code looks like:
    		<br /><img height="17" width="53" alt="RTE_24.gif" /><br />
  2. Copy this source onto your clipboard (select it and press "CTRL+C")
  3. To embed source code you are given into your webpage, click the "Embed Raw HTML Code" button in the richtext editor: insert html code
  4. This will show a box where you can paste in your source code (press CTRL+V), and click "OK" to insert it in the page:
Please note - if you are unable to see what you have pasted eg if it's an iframe, you will most likely need to view it when you are not logged in to the website - without the s after the http://