Setting up a coming soon page or a temporary hold page

If you are waiting for your new Zeald website to be developed and loaded, you might like to get a "coming soon" page up so that users can at least find your contact details.

We have a standard template that is fairly simple and contains your logo and a couple of lines of text, you should be able to complete it yourself in 10-15minutes, however we do have website administrators available who can do this for you for a small fee.

If you wanted something more advanced please contact us and we can provide a cost estimate depending on what you are wanting to display

Here is an example of the (free) standard option which you can create yourself :


If you have an existing website  you are probably best to keep  that in place right up to the day your new website goes live. No one really likes to stumble on a "coming soon" page, they much prefer to find all the information on your website.

Setup a coming soon page with Zeald Domain & Email Manager


First of all you will of course need to have a domain name.
More information on what a domain name is and how domain names work.

This domain does not need to be hosted with Zeald in order to create a coming soon page, but if you choose to host your domain name with Zeald you should already have a login for the Zeald Domain & Email Manager. If you choose instead to have your domain name hosted elsewhere and 'point' your domain name to Zeald you will need to create a login by following these steps:
  1. Go to
  2. Type your domain, eg ""'
  3. Click "Point domain name at a Zeald website".  You'll need to follow those instructions to point your domain, then:
  4. At the bottom of the page click "Add domain to Zeald domain manager"
  5. Create a new Account

To set up the coming soon page:
  1. Login to Domain & email manager If you have forgotten your password, (easily done) please use the Forgot password? Reset
  2. Select the domain name that you would like to setup the coming soon page for from the list in the top left.
  3. Under the title "Website Hosting" select the link "Edit my coming soon page"
  4. Check the "Enable coming soon page"
  5. Fill in the contact details, upload a logo and set a brief description for the page
The coming soon page is a single page with a predefined format. You are not able to change the layout of this page or add secondary pages. Remember this page is temporary and you should aim to get your real website loaded and live as soon as possible.