Cloning Items / How to change an SKU

The only way to change an SKU number is to clone it first, and then give the new/correct SKU to the cloned item (remember to make the previous item inactive or delete it though)

If there are a number of items to be loaded into the site which are very similar in terms of the majority of their details, it is possible to load one item and then duplicate it, after which adjustments may be made to the cloned items details as necessary.

There is no limit to the number of times an item may be cloned. Each time an item is cloned, the system will automatically generate a new SKU number for the duplicate to prevent the original item and any other duplicates from being overwritten.

How to clone an item

  1. Click on the Items tab items
  2. This displays the Item tree and any the existing top-level categories by default. Locate the item that you wish to clone, e.g. "Bath Friends Turtle"
    Please note: This is achieved by clicking on the folder icons  that represent every category, or the plus icons  next to them. This will display the contents of the categories
  3. When you have located the item, click on the Item name
  4. This will highlight the item and display the actions that may be performed with regard to it
  5. Click on the Edit item link
  6. This will display the Item editor page. Click on the Clone item tab
  7. This will display a new page. Any of the details that are already displayed within the form may be edited, including the SKU number

    Please note: The SKU number is a unique identifying number automatically generated and assigned by the system to an item when it is created. This ensures that the information entered about the item will be stored in the database. Duplicated items will likewise automatically be assigned a different SKU number than the original, in order to prevent the original from being overwritten (i.e deleted)
  8. Any changes to the SKU number must be made when first creating / cloning an item as this is the only time the SKU number is accessible for editing. (After this it will not appear in the item details). The SKU number may contain letters (capital or lower case), digits and hyphens but no other characters. It may not contain spaces
    If changing an SKU number, care should always be taken to ensure that you are not duplicating an existing SKU number. Entering an existing SKU number for a new item will cause the item that already possesses that number to be overwritten
    Please note: The SKU may be amended but not deleted altogether, this will prevent the system from creating the new item
  9. Also - be sure and change the URL override if there is one.
  10. Click Save when the changes are complete. Your cloned item will now appear in the item tree