Configuring your website to appear on a Website Address/Domain Name

What is a website address?

A Website Address  is the address at which your website is found on the internet, ie what you see in the Location Bar at the top of your browser

website address

There is two aspects to a website address - you need to get a domain name, point it at the zeald webervers, then tell your website about it so it knows to appear.

Domain names are also used to manage a lot of other internet services, eg email.  For that reason, we provide a seperate system Domain and email manager  for managing domains and email addresses.  You can also register your domain with an external provider.  To setup your website to appear on a certain website address, there's two things you need to do:
  1. Point your domain name at the Zeald web servers

  2. Setup your website to recognise and appear on that domain name

    To do this you use the Website Address tab under Preferences.  Read on to find out how.

Managing your website address

You can add or remove website addresses/domain names associated with your Zeald website, or change the primary domain name by clicking on Preferences tab, then Website Address tab.


You can also change the Primary website address/domain name (one that users will see in their browser and which appears in Google search results) by clicking on make primary.