Adding metatags to your document head tag (i.e. Facebook Pixel Code)

Embedding third party services is not officially supported and is only recommended for advanced users. You can easily break your website doing this, and if you require Zeald to help fix the issue then it may attract additional charges. 
If you require assistance or find a problem with the source code given by a third party, we are generally unable to assist and you would need to contact the third party directly for assistance, or obtain a customisation to embed this source.  

Sometimes various third parties, such as for Pinterest Analytics or Facebook, will ask you to add some tags to your document head tag.  Generally they will give you a snippet of special code to do this and ask you to "put it into the document head tag".  Google webmaster tools, google apps, and yahoo's site tools may all do this.

  • Doing this is entirely unsupported, in the sense that pasting incorrect code into this box can break your website and zeald will need to charge our standard development fees to correct any mistakes you make with this. 
  • Take care that you trust the provider of this code to give you correct HTML, and that you paste it exactly. 
  • We cannot fix or modify code provided by third-parties (if the code they gave you does not work, you will need to contact them for technical support).
If you need more information on these third parties, refer to the links below:


Facebook Standard Events Pixel
Facebook Pixel Implementation Guide


Pinterest Analytics

With that said however, its really quite easy:
  1. Click on the Preferences tab


  2. In the preference editor, click the Content tab

  3. Paste the HTML you were given into the box "Extra HTML tags for document head tag (eg meta tags)" .  Take care not to delete any code already in there - if there is existing code here press enter to add a new line and paste the extra code in after the existing code

  4. Click Save