Managing Admin Users

When there is more than one person logging in to your website, it is advisable that you each have your own website administrator login. It prevents unusual occurrences such as being accidentally logged out etc.  Also, it makes it easier to see who has done what in the logs should anything go wrong.

  Click on the Preference tab in the Administration end of your site

2. Then click on the Website Administrators tab


3.  This will take you to the Administrator accounts page where all website administrator accounts are listed.  From this screen you are able to create or delete an account or edit an existing account


4.  To create a new account click on the Create New User button on the bottom right hand side of the list.


5.  This will take you to the administrator edit page


6.  First of all enter in the Real name of the new website administrator

7. Then enter in the username – this can be different to the real name

8. Then enter in your password
Note: if you are unable to think of a good password, over to the right of the screen is a list of 5 randomly generated passwords, you can select from a different 5 by just clicking on the generate password button.

9.  Then verify the password by typing it in again at the bottom. Once this is done click the OK button

10. This will take you back to the Administrator Accounts page and will list your new account at the bottom.