Element Template (Advanced)

For ecommerce or catalogue websites featuring many hundreds of products it can be time consuming and tedious to create each of the various Search engine information elements such as Image alternative text, Meta titles, Meta Descriptions etc.

For this very reason Zeald have produced the Element Template feature which allows the website administrator to create a template and have the website system generate the information automatically.
The element template feature allows you to setup a template using dynamic information taken from the website such as the name of the product, the category name, etc.
For example an Online bookstore may wish to construct a Product page Meta Title using the following formula:
The cat in the hat [Product Name] - Dr Seus - [Category Name] Buy Books Online - ABC Childrens Books

How to Set up an Element Template

  1. Under the Content tab, select the Element Template tab.
  2. Select the New Template tab to setup a new template
  3. Select the Page type that you would like to create the template for from the drop down. The Element template feature allows you to create templates for Content pages, Category pages, and Product pages. In this example we will create a template for all our Product pages
  4. Select the Element type from the drop down list that you would like to create a template for. The Element Template feature allows you to create templates for the Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Logo Alt Text, Page Heading and Product Image Alt Text
  5. In the Template text field you may now enter the information to create the template for the specified page and element. Use the Insert dynamic field drop down to select pre defined dynamic information. This information will be taken from the website and used to automatically generate the Search engine information. Dynamic fields include Content page name, Company name, Category name, Product name, Product SKU, Product price.
    When you select a dynamic field from the Insert drop down, the field will be inserted into the Template field surounded by # symbols. Do not change the text of your dynamic fields as this will create errors in your template.
    You may enter free text into the template field, between the dynamic fields as the following example shows.
Please Note. If you set Meta data for each page manually - the manually entered information will override the information set by the automated Element template.

Also, once you have set up your meta data using this template, you will not see the text physically entered into each content or item page in the meta data area - the meta data fields you see at the bottom of each page will still be blank - this is normal as the element template data is "behind the scenes"