Content Preferences

Please use the "Content" section under the Preferences tab of your website administrator to set or edit your copyright message, Your logo Alt text, disable print style sheets, to add extra HTML tags to the document head and to show hidden pages in the internal / external search results.

Copyright: Although not required by law, it is a good idea to include a copyright statement or notice on each page of your website. This will inform others that the work is subject to copyright protection and that consent is not granted for others to copy the work or deal with it in any other way restricted by copyright.

This information is displayed in the footer of your website so it appears at the bottom of every page.

A common form of copyright notice consists of the © symbol, the name of the copyright owner and the year the copyright work was first and last published. For example: Copyright © 2000 - 2010 - Zeald Limited, All Rights Reserved

Logo alt text: This field allows you to set or edit the alt text for your the logo image that appears in the website header. This text is used by screen reader software to make your website accessible to blind users or for users who choose not to download images. It is also used by the Search engines to determine the subject matter of the image. Applying good Alt text to your images will help with your Search engine ranking, especially for an "image search." For your logo Alt text you should use a short sentence to describe the image and use text contained within the image and or the primary target search terms for your website. For example, "Zeald - Website design company - logo"

Disable print stylesheet
By default the header, tabs, menus etc are hidden when the user prints a page on the website. Set to "yes" to disable this feature and print all the menus headers etc. Try printing your website with both settings to help you decide which option to use.

Advanced Settings

Extra HTML tags for document head tag (eg meta tags)
Use this field to enter extra "tags" to put in the document "head tag" (eg extra scripts/meta tags). Google and others will sometimes give you a snippet of html metatags and say "add this to the head tag of every page" - paste such code here.
If you are unsure, please be careful!, as invalid code pasted here will break your website!! (and there maybe a cost associated for our developers to make your website better again)

Search: Show all hidden pages in search results
Set this to "Yes" if you would like all "hidden pages" to show in your websites internal search results & the XML sitemap. This also means all pages will appear in external search engines like google and yahoo.