Page not found - 404 error page

Your website users will occasionally land on a page on your website that doesn't exist. This could happen due to a number of reasons - they may have typed the wrong URL or there is a broken link on your website or the link has been moved. When this happens, your website will direct them to a standard 404 page which is basically informs them that the link is broken.

We have a great article named "The importance of a custom 404 page" on our Zeald Blog which we recommend you read before editing the 404 error page.

Edit the page not found / 404 error page

  1. In Website Manager, click the Content tab content
  2. This will display the Content tree by default. Click on the cross  to see all the sub-pages under Standard pages
  3. Click on Page not found and then view the page in Live Edit mode
  4. You should now see a component which contains the text "Page not found etc"
  5. Click into the pencil to edit this component
  6. Edit the text and if you like, add images into the Content Field. When you are finished, press Save at the bottom of the page

Please note: You may find that somebody has already edited this page, but please ensure that you leave some explanation saying it is an 404 error page to let your website visitors know that in fact they have clicked into an error page