Problems receiving email?

What to do when your mailbox is full and people sending email to you receive a bounce message saying "Mailbox quota exceeded"

This is likely to be because you have exceeded the 100MB storage limit. You can see what percentage of this storage you have used by logging into the domain manager under "Mailbox Usage". 

This may be because your email client (eg Outlook) is set up to "save a copy of messages on the server" - generally you would only set this advanced setting if you were downloading/reading your email from more than device - eg you might also read emails on your phone or you may have co-workers who need to download the same emails to a different computer.

If you only ever read emails on your computer, you should not have this advanced setting so a copy is not left on the server. There are several ways of doing this and you would need to check in your own email client but for Outlook it is generally Tools > Email Accounts > Advanced Settings.

You need to delete some emails before you can receive any more.

To do this:
  • Check your mail in your regular mail client eg Outlook - delete anything no longer needed in your inbox, your sent folder and your deleted items/trash folder.  If doing this does not clear the mailbox then your mail client could be incorrectly configured.  Learn more about configuring my mail client
If you are using webmail or do not have access to your regular mail client you need to login to webmail at and delete some messages - this is what is referred to as "deleting messages off the server"
  • Go to and login with your email username and password
  • Select a bunch of messages you want to delete. You can select multiple messages by holding the control key and clicking them, or by selecting the first one, holding shift and selecting the last one
  • Press the "Delete" key to move the messages to the trash
  • Click on the "trash" folder in the folder list on the left side of the screen
  • Click the gear icon at the bottom of the left side of the screen and choose "Empty":
Remember: Just because you need to clear mail from your Zeald Webmail doesn't mean you can't maintain a backup of all your emails on your computer.

Should you wish to increase the capacity of your mailbox you can do so by clicking on the blue "100 MB" link that is next to your email address in the domain manager.  



Incorrect port

If you have setup Outlook to connect to your Zeald mailbox, and are not receiving emails into Outlook and get the following error message:

Task ' - Receiving' reported error (0x800CCC0F): 'The Connection to the server was interrupted.  If this problem continues contact your server administator or ISP.  The server responded: ERR Cannot connect to POP server ( connect error 10060

Cannot connect to POP server ( connect error 10060

suggests that the port  you are using is "995" which means you are using ssl/secure password authentication etc) You need to use port 110 and have that turned off as outlined in our Email setup instructions