Adding a table component

Table components allow you to arrange and align content blocks to give your web page a more organised look. As with other components, the table component can be added to a web page through Live Edit  mode. It is quite an advanced editing function so if this is something you think you'd want to use on your website, please contact the Support Team who will be able to arrange access to this component on your website. 
  1. On live edit edit mode, click Add component
  2. Click Show all components, then look for the table component.
  3. Click Add component
  4. You will be presented the table component settings. Enter your preferred settings on the fields, then select your preferred options from the drop-down menus.   NOTE:  If you would like different sizes for columns, enter the percentages for each column in the Column widths field.  Each column width should be separated by a comma.  E.g.:  screenshot-secure
  5. Once done, click Save.


Adding a component inside a table component

If you already have an existing table component, you can add components within the table to keep them organised. All you have to do is drag the component to an empty cell on the table.  

drag drop

An available table cell will change colour when you hover the component over it.