Default shop page

The Zest V4 can show up to five categories per row, displaying only the top main categories for a more polished look of the page. If you click anywhere on the box, it would load a page that displays all of your current items available for sale.

The former ZEST version was just a listing of products and does not really look appealing for site users. Here’s how the former ZEST version of the shop page looks like this:


How to set up the new Shop Page to the other Zestv4 sites?

First, go to ‘Content’ in the main menu of the admin interface.


Then, click on the ‘Add a new page’ button. Create a new page and set it as a top-level page, name it as Shop.

Update the page using the Live Edit tool.


The page has 3 sections:
New Category Block section
Products list section
Category list section.


Follow this given page on what are the components to add and their arrangement.

The New Category Block component can be enabled by the Support Team or a developer by clicking the spanner tool:



Check a live example here: