Adding Google Adwords Conversion Tracking to order receipt page (for orders/ecommerce)

For a Zeald Ecommerce website, we have a specialist component that allows you to add Google Adwords conversion tracking code to the order receipt page to measure the exact $ value of each order conversion. This component is at the moment only available to Zeald admin users, so if you do not see it in the compenent drop down, you will need to speak to Zeald.

Step 1. Setup Google Adwords

Of course you cannot setup conversion tracking without a Google Adwords account. You can setup a Google Adwords account yourself or you can get us to help you with it

Step 2. Setup Conversion tracking with Google Adwords

Once you have setup your Adwords account and created your first campaign, you should then setup conversion tracking. For an ecommerce website you need to setup a conversion goal for Online sales
Learn how to setup Google Adwords Conversion tracking

Step 3. Add Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Code to the 'order receipt' page

Once you have setup your conversion tracking in Google Adwords, you will be asked by Google to "add Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Code between the body tags of the 'order receipt' page seen by the web user after successfully completing the order conversion Ie

1. Find the order receipt page

In the "Standard pages" category of the content tree, find the Place an order - Receipt page

To find the relevant page, click on the "Content" tab at the top in your website manager. Under the content tree tab, open the "Standard Pages" category at the bottom of the list. This will drop down a number of different pages in your website. Find the "receipt" page and click "Live edit"

2. Add a content component and add the code 

  1. Insert a new content component at the top of the page
  2. Click "Source" then paste the code in and save.
  3. Copy and paste the Var google_conversion_id code from the Google Analytics copy and paste this into the "Google Conversion Store Id" field, then cut and paste the google_conversion_label to the "Google Label" field.
  4. Click save. Congratulations you are all done :) You should go back to Google Adwords and test that the code has been installed correctly by loading the order receipt page or better still, finding a live Google Adword ad, clicking on it and completing the order. Remember Google Adwords can take up to 24hrs to update their reports