Create an Anchor & link to it

Create the Anchor

  1. First you need to create an Anchor (where you would like the link to take the user)
  2. Once your cursor is in the right place, click on the Flag icon on the Rich Text Editor
  3. Type in a unique name for your Anchor (the anchor name can only be used once on the target page and ideally should be just one word that you will remember easily - if you need to use two words, seperate them with a dash). Remember what it is called and remember if you used lower case or upper case letters.
  4. Click OK
  5. You should now see a red Flag (this is only visible to the website administrator)
  6. Now you need to link text or an image to this Anchor (Instructions below)
  7. If you want to create the link to this anchor in the same page, no need to save, but if your link is on another page, then save this page. 

To Create a Link to the Anchor/Flag in this Page:

  1. Type in the text that you want to make into a link eg Click here for information about _____
  2. Or insert the image that you wish to link
  3. Highlight the text or select the image
  4. Click on the Insert/Edit Link icon  to open the Link Manager
  5. Select the link type as Anchor in this page
  6. Then select the anchor name from the dropdown box
  7. Click OK
  8. Save the page and test it out 

To Create a Link to an Anchor in a different page

  1. You would have already created the anchor/flag in the destination page and would have remembered what it is called.
  2. So open the page that you want to link from.
  3. Type the word/s that you want to link eg 'Read more about this' then  click the little link icon and select the page from the Page Selector that contains the anchor that you would like to link to
  4. When you do this it adds a number to the URL area. Directly after that number (page code) in the URL Field enter a hash:  #   followed by the exact name of the anchor
  5. Click OK
  6. Save the page and test

Create and link to an anchor in a component

This technique is helpful when you you have a page that is made up of components, for example the homepage or an email marketing campaign.

You can link to anchors in other components, like so:
  1. Create an anchor where you want to link to, and remember the name you gave it
  2. Where you want to create the link, click the create-link icon as normal
  3. Instead of selecting the "Link type" as "Link to anchor in the text" , leave it as URL
  4. In the URL field type the name of the anchor, preceeded by a "#" - eg if the anchor is "myanchor" type "#myanchor"