Using the Content Editor

What is the content editor?

The content editor is the main tool you use to edit content for your website.  It's the editor box you use whenever you are entering "rich text" website content (eg anywhere you can change formatting, enter images etc, eg when you are editing a content page, a component in Show Editing Tools or an item)

Basic guide to the content editor

The editor is very easy to use, if you have used programs such as Microsoft Office you should have no problem using the editor

You can type in text, and then format it using the toolbar at the top (if you want to know what any of the icons does, move your mouse over it and it will tell you, although some of the major ones are also documented here)

The toolbar also provides icons to insert links, images and other more sophisticated content


Text is the life blood of your website as the text on your website is what search engines use to determine the usefulness of a page and returning it as a result for a users search. Web pages that do not contain much text are not easily catalogued by search engines. If a page cannot be added to a search engines index, it cannot be found by users

Using the content editor, you can just type text and then format it using the Heading styles in the Format toolbar (we recommend you use Heading Styles as opposed to changing font and colours manually, this is to keep the look of your website consistent).

  1. Use the format dropdown to select heading styles
  2. Using the other toolbars you can apply other styles and formatting to your text such as text formatting  or lists 


The Content Editor also enables the uploading and insertion of images into the web site:  
  1. Click the Image Manager icon 
  2. Use the image manager popup to upload or choose your image
More information on inserting images

Links to other web pages

The Content Editor may be used to create links to both pages within the site and pages external to it
  1. Click the Link icon 
  2. Use the link popup to select the link
More information on inserting links

Links to documents and other files

It is also possible to upload and create links to document and other files using the editor.
To do this:
  1. Insert a link as above but click Link to a file on the link popup
  2. This will bring up the insert file popup : you can select your file or click Upload to choose a file off of your computer to upload:
    file upload
More detailed information on how to upload and manage files