Setup Windcave(DPS)

Wincave, formerly known as Direct Payment Solutions (DPS) are the only certified gateway to have seamless connectivity for settlement into every New Zealand Bank, most major banks in Australia and selected banks in the UK, USA, Singapore and Pacific Islands. DPS has been providing payment solutions to Australian and New Zealand businesses since 1997.
  1. Login to your website as an administrator
  2. Click on Preferences on the header
  3. Under General click on Payment
  4. In the "Payment Preferences" section, scroll down to see the "Other Payment Methods" and click on Configure all other payment method
  5. Scroll down to see the list of payment gateways under the 'Payment options' section. Select any Option with DPS and click Save
  6. On the Checkout page, navigate to the checkout_payment component. Click the wrench icon to open the Checkout Payment settings page
  7. Under Settings, enter yourUser ID, Key and click on Save at the bottom of the page