Automated batch Image import

You can bulk upload images by using the "drag and drop" feature or by selecting multiple images in the Image importer.
Before the images are imported they should meet the following specifications

Image Size and Format

Image size: Approximately 700 pixels wide
Height: Relative
Resolution: 72 dpi
Format: JPEG or .jpg
with a quality setting between 70 - 90

The size of 700 pix is the dimensions for the “Large image” popup.
An image 700 pixels wide with a relative height means it will fit a browser window 800 pixels wide and not require horizontal scrolling.
Images should not be larger than this as they can become too large to store and transfer via the internet. Conversely they should also not be too small or image quality may suffer when the images are resized for use on the site.

Ensure all images you are attempting to import are in jpeg/jpg, gif, or png format. Other image formats such as tiff, psd etc are currently unsupported and must be converted to successfully import.

Image name

Images must match the exact name of the image name in the product spread sheet (case sensitive).

It is also a good idea if the image name contains important keywords that describe the product. For example, “chocolate_truffle.jpeg” This will increase the keyword saturation of the pages that this image is used and may help to achieve higher search engine ranking.

Please remove any spaces in the image name - use an underscore instead eg. ideal_image_name.jpg
Alos, image file names should have names that are alpha numeric only with no characters such as / $ or #

To batch upload your images

Once your images are ready to upload to the website, go to

  • Website Manager > Items > Image importer
  • drag and drop the files OR use the "Select files" button (hold down the CTRL or SHIFT key to select multiple files)
  • Click Next, and then Process Selected Images (you can also choose to upload more images before processing the images).
Please note
  • the drag and drop feature doesn't work on Internet Explorer,
  • Apple Mac users please use the "Apple key" and click the file, or you can also select multiple files by holding SHIFT)
  • To import a very large number of images, we recommend you break them down into smaller batches to reduce the chance of interrupted transfers.