Can You Provide me with an FTP ACCESS?

Zeald does not provide FTP access to be able to edit the pages of the website.

Because your website is running on a content management system, all editing of content is done via the web interface of the CMS, and there are no static “html” files you can edit like there would be if your website was a static website – content is generated via the CMS from our internal database.

Alternatives to FTP access

  • Use the CMS features provided
  • Developers may be able to make use of our XML API, see Developer Resources
  • We may be able to setup a seperate FTP space (what we call “Legacy Hosting”) into which you can upload files and link them from your website
  • If you are primarily using FTP to provide a “drop-box” location where you can upload large files so that others can access them, you might want to look into Google Docs, which provides this functionality plus a lot more for free.  Of course Zeald doesn’t provide technical support for Google Docs directly, you will need to contact google for that.  There are other online services too that offer these features in a more secure and elegent way than FTP does.


What if I really need FTP?

Zeald offers our “Legacy Hosting” product.  This supports FTP and either ASP or PHP pages and optionally mysql and SQL server databases.  You cannot however run this on the same domain as you run your website, you will need to use a subdomain (eg “”).  You can link to this subdomain from your main website.

In a similar way, you can have this subdomain setup to point to any other hosting server if you would prefer to host these files elsewhere

What about PHP/ASP and databases such as MySQL and SQL Server

These are available on our legacy hosting product, as described above.  But note that we will only give you an FTP username/password, all the rest is up to you.  If you require developer support this will be charged at our standard hourly rate, and we may not always be able to assist as we aren’t necessarily knowledgable in the systems and languages in use.