How to embed a video to your website

Adding a new video component

For ecommerce and ecommerce + site, adding a new video component to an item page adds a video to all item pages.  If you would like to add a video to one item page only, you need to upload the video on the existing component.  

  1. To add a YouTube video to your website, please find the page you would like to add it to in Live Edit mode
  2. Click on Add component at the top of the page
  3. Select YouTube embedded video as the component type, and name your component
  4. Click on Add component
  5. In the YouTube URL field, paste the URL of the YouTube video that you would like to upload. It should look something like:

add component - youtube url.png
  1. Adjust the YouTube player width and height if required
  2. Select No in the Show related videos field
  3. Click Save
You can go back and adjust the width and height of the YouTube video by clicking on the pencil icon of the YouTube component, and adjusting the fields YouTube player width (Default 425px) and YouTube player height (Default 350px).

To upload a YouTube video within an existing component
  1. Obtain the HTML code of the YouTube video.  To get the code, go to the YouTube video and scroll down below the video and click Share > Embed.  

    share embed
    Copy the HMTL code.  

  2. Go to the Items > Item list.
    items itemlist
  3. Select the item you want to post the video in. 
    business duck
  4. In the rich text editor, click Embed Raw HTML code.
    embed raw
  5. Paste the HTML code, then click OK.  
    paste code
  6. Click Save.