Features and technical specifications of the Drop Shipping add-on can be viewed on the Online Store.

The Drop Shipping & Supplier Management website add-on module allows the website administrator to drop ship items directly from the supplier to the customer. If a website sources their products from a supplier who can deliver product directly to the customer, then the website can split an order and send the provisioning requirements to the suppliers directly via an email. Using this add-on, the website administrator no longer needs to worry about passing orders through to their suppliers or trying to manage stock levels directly, as this add-on does it all for them. Ultimately, this can be a big saver of both time and money.

Drop-shipping Preferences

Under the preferences tab, in the Payment section, there are some preferences that affect how dropshipping will work:
Only send dropshipping automatically if the order is credit card If you turn this option on, dropshipping emails will not be sent automatically to the suppliers for payment methods such as direct credit or cheque, where funds are not deposited immediately to your bank account.  Instead the order will be marked as "Waiting for payment" - and the dropshipping emails will be sent when the status is changed
Supplier details on emails Should the drop shipping supplier details be visible on the customers order email?
Price details on supplier emails Should the drop ship email sent to suppliers have prices?

Supplier Management

  1. In the Website Administrator, click on the Suppliers tab suppliers
  2. Then click on the New Suppliers tab
  3. Enter the details of the new supplier and click Save
  4. It will now appear in the list of your suppliers

Assigning products to suppliers

When editing a product, the website administrator can choose the supplier from a drop-down box

Supplier Reports

  1. In the Website Administrator, click on the Reports tab 6 reportstab
  2. Find the Suppliers Report tab  and click on it
  3. You can now choose a time frame and a supplier. Click View Report
  4. The suppliers report shows sales made to each supplier