Loyalty Points

Features and technical specifications of the Loyalty Points add-on can be viewed on the Online Store.

You can set and edit the settings for Loyalty Points in Website Manager > Preferences > General > Loyalty Points:

  • Points Discount - Dollar discount applied per 100 loyalty points, (not %) this depends on how much discount would you like to apply. E.g, 100 points = $5 discount

Here's a view on the checkout page. The customer can use their accumulated loyalty points to pay and avail a discount:

  • Points Per Dollar - Number of loyalty points gained per dollar spent. E.g $1=1 point
  • Points For New Member - Number of loyalty points gained for each new member. This depends on how many points would like to apply for each new member, e.g 5 points for each new member, after the customer logs in to the website, they'll directly receive the loyalty points, and this should be ready for their first purchase:


  • Total where loyalty points is computed against - This is where loyalty points will be computed against points discount, the subtotal or total price: