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How do I add a Blog Menu or Blog Summary?

On your Blog page, you are able to add components called 'Blog Menu' and 'Blog Summary.'

Blog menu is a blog navigation that allows users to browse by date or topic, and allows visitors to easily navigate your blog posts (example shown below on the left).

Blog summary allows you to show summaries for your blog posts, and gives you the ability to choose  the number of blog posts to summarize (default is 5 blog posts), well as the option of choosing to show a short summary of each blog and the number of characters to show (example show below in the middle).



How to add a Blog Menu

To add a Blog Menu on your blog page,

1.Add a new component in Live Edit Mode called Blog Menu


2. Select options for your Blog Menu such as Name, Tag Title, Archive Title and click Save


3. Drag and drop your Blog Menu to an area you wish to display it


How to add a Blog Summary

1.Add a new component in Live Edit Mode called Blog Summary


2. Select options for your Blog Summary such as the number of posts to show, show summary of the post body, and if show post summary - how many characters to show and click Save

How to get the new Blogs and Social Networking Add-on

You can purchase this Add-on from the Zeald Online Store