Wishlists Settings and preferences

There are a number of configurable options to edit these:
  1. Login to the admin and click on the Content tab 2 contenttab
  2. The Content tree will open by default. Find the Wishlist page under Standard Pages in the content tree and click on it
  3. This will highlight the Wishlist page and display the actions that may be performed on it. Click on Edit page or Live edit to make adjustments to this component

How to use the Wishlist

  1. When customers are logged into the website they see an additional Add to shopping list icon underneath the add to cart icon
  2. Clicking this icon adds the product to your wishlist/shopping list page
  3. By sharing  the link under Send my Shopping List to a friend, other people can see this list and purchase off of it. Alternatively your users might simply use it as a list of favorite products