Useful Tools

None of these tools are required for using your website, however you might find they make your life easier. There are many competing products to do this kind of thing and these are only a selection. Most of them are free (and in many cases open source). Note that Zeald cannot provide support for the use of third party products such as these if you have issues with using them please contact thier own support resources.

The firefox web browser

The latest version of the mozilla browser, the sucessor to Netscape. The firefox web browser is significantly more up-to-date than other browsers (eg Internet Explorer) and is number 2 in market share behind internet explorer - typically between 10-20% of your users will be using firefox.

Managing your photos: Google Picassa

Keeping track of your digital photos can be a pain: google provides the picassa image management tool to help with this.

Downloading your website for offline use: HTTrack

HTTrack lets you download a copy of your website to use offline (eg at trade shows or anywhere else you want to show your website without an internet connection)

Batch image resizing

Sometimes it can be very slow to upload a large number of large images, even using the image importer.  This page contains a list of different tools that can be useful for batch-processing images