Geo Redirect

What is Geo Redirect?

Geo redirect is a smart way websites use to show different versions of their content based on where you're visiting from. When you go to a website, it checks your general location and then sends you to the version of the site that's best for you.

Why Use Geo Redirect?

Using geo redirect helps make your experience on a website better:

Localised Content: 

Geo redirect helps websites show you things in a way that makes sense for your language and culture. It's like the website is talking to you in a way you understand best.

Targeted Marketing: 

With geo redirect, websites can show you things that matter to people in your area. This might be special offers or news that's only relevant where you are.


Some places have different rules for websites. Geo redirect helps websites follow the right rules for where you are, so you get the right information.

Improved Performance: 

Websites can use geo redirect to send you to a version that's stored closer to you. That means the website loads faster because it doesn't have to travel as far to reach you.

How to Use Geo Redirect

For assistance on setting up Geo Redirect for your website, please contact our support team at