The Wishlists website add-on module provides a facility where website visitors can create their own wishlist on your website. They can then email this wishlist to friends and family who can then view and purchase items off the wishlist. Once an item has been purchased off the wishlist, the list will be updated to display what has already been purchased and what is left to purchase. The owner of the wishlist can add notes and an expiry date to their wishlist. 

Depending on its configuration, "wishlists" can be used to create a "shopping list", "favourites list", "watchlist" or "quick order list" of products that a customer wants to effectively "bookmark". From this list they can quickly order these products.

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Technical Specs

Every product on the website will have an “Add to wishlist” button in addition to the standard “Add to cart”.

Once the user clicks adds something to the wishlist or once the select wishlist form the members page they will be taken to a page showing a list of products they have added to their list, with the following information:
  • Product title
  • Product price
  • Product quantity
Beside each product there will be a trash can icon, when this icon is clicked it will remove that particular item from the wishlist. At the bottom of the wishlist there will be a text box and “email to a friend” button which will send the friend a link to the wishlist. When the friend clicks the link, they will be shown the wishlist and they will be able to buy items from it. After the friend has purchased items off the wishlist- the list will update to show what was purchased and what is left to purchase. The wishlist will also keep a record of which people bought which items in the wishlist, this will provide a mechanism for the owners of the wishlist to thank those that purchased items.

Some Examples

* You will only be able to view the wishlist example if you set up an account with the website

Please Note

This website add-on is compatible with Zeald E-Business to Business and E-Commerce websites only. 
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