Increase the pricing at the push of a button

If you are wanting to increase your prices at a flat percentage, you can either edit each item manually and update the prices, you can use the spreadsheet function to update all your prices or use this tool.  

While we provide this tool for you to mass update your prices automatically, you should think carefully about each product price - you might prefer to take the opportunity to increase unprofitable products by a higher amount, and you might want to round your prices to make them more attractive to the user. (as this automated method will likely change a price to $40.83, and it may be better for you to set the price to $39.95 manually)


Option 1. Update prices using the item editor

If you only have a few products, this method would be the best option for you. This method involves editing each product individually using the items tab in the website manager and updating the price. This method also gives you the choice to change the pricing of some products and not others. It's also the best way to change prices if you have options under each product.

Problem with this method is that it can be time consuming to edit each product individually especially if you have a large number of products.

Option 2. Using the bulk product import export function

For more advanced users with large number of items who are familiar with using the bulk import/export function using a spreadsheet, you can make the price changes to your products by exporting your products to a spreadsheet. You can just change update the prices individually or use the spreadsheet calculator to do it automatically and then re-importing back to your website. You can use this spreadsheet to update product pricing, VIP/member pricing, quantity pricing and promotional pricing.

Item options

However, this tool is only limited to products with simple pricing options and base pricing - therefore if you have advanced options, this will not be suitable for you as they will need to be changed manually.

Suitable for advanced users only

This tool is also suitable for advanced users - you need have some experience with using spreadsheets. We also always recommend that download a backup copy of your product spreadsheet first and saving that as a master to refer back to in case things go wrong.

Option 3. The magic button - bulk update

We originally developed the Bulk price update tool when the GST increased from 10 to 15% a few years ago to help make that process quicker and easier for those of you with very large product calalogues with complex pricing configurations and item options.

This method allows you to increase your prices by an exact percentage on all of your products automatically all at once. This includes VIP pricing, quantity pricing, simple item options, complex options and promotional discounts. To find out how to use this tool, read our online help file on the Mass price update tool.

Take care when updating...

Please be very careful when using this tool - once you have selected all your options and hit 'Update my prices' button, if you have a large product catalogue, this process could take some time to complete. During this period, do not close or refresh your browser because the tool will have started changing all your prices and if you stop it mid way, it will have updated some and not others. Likewise, if your internet connection is disconnected during the update process, your pricing will be inconsistent. The only way to fix this will be by purchasing a Website Backup Restore.

Due to the automated nature of this tool, you are not able to update prices individually the way you like.

What if I have Item options?

The Mass price update tool can be used for all your pricing options - your base product pricing, simple options and also advanced options. The tool will give you the option to choose which one of the Item options you want to update using this method.