Mass/bulk price update tool

By popular request from a lot of our clients, we have created a tool to mass update all of your pricing all at once by a percentage amount.

This was mainly wanted for our customers to handle the NZ GST rise several years ago.    When people were increasing their prices by 2.5% it required a price increase of 2.222% (FYI its not 2.5%, its 1.15/1.125 = 1.0222222)

Of course you have other, possibly better, options available than simply mass-updating your pricing by 2.222% - you might prefer to absorb this cost on some products, take the opportunity to increase unprofitable products by a higher amount, and you might not want all your prices to be changed to strange numbers (eg instead of 39.95 the price will become 40.83). 

However if you are in a very low-margin business where "pretty looking" prices aren't important, this is the quickest way to update all your prices:
  1. Navigate to the item list, which is under Items > Item List
  2. At the bottom of the list, click the "Update all prices" button:
  3. You will be presented with a page asking how much to increase your prices by : For the NZ GST rise of 12.5% -> 15%, that number was "2.222".  You can of course increase by any percentage you like
  4. When you click the "Update my prices" button (after carefully reading all the warnings on this page!) you will see a progress bar:

    Do not close your browser until the process is complete!!