Adding New Services

To update your website’s Services Collection, log in to your website using your username and password.


Once you’re successfully logged in, click the “COLLECTION” tab on the topmost portion of the page.

You will then be directed to the Content Collections section where you can find catalogs of different content you can add to your website. 

These content collections were created to make adding and modify content much easier, without having to manually edit or write lines of code. Each catalog has its own set of pre-made layouts to help you achieve your desired look and feel for your page.


Out of the box, your Zest website will usually come with a set of base collections including Testimonials, Services, Store Locator, Staff, Projects, and Google Review. 

To access your Services Collection, click Edit Services.


You will then be directed to a page that contains all of the services currently showing on your website.


From here, you can either create a New Service or Edit an existing one.

Creating a New Service

To create a new Service, click the blue Add Services button on the bottom right-hand section of your screen.


You will then be directed to the backend of a Service page where you can add all details and information pertaining to the service you’re looking to add.

Start by adding your Title.


Next, on the Featured Image section, click “Change Image”. Here is where you can upload your desired image for this service on your website.


You may select an image from one of your existing website folders or upload a new one. To upload an image click “Upload”.


Choose the image you want to upload, and then click “Select”.

After uploading an image, you can then select a Category. Click the drop down button to select one of the existing categories on your website.


However, if you’re looking to add your service to an entirely new category, you may directly type in the category name on the blank space provided.


This will prompt the system to create a new category for the service you’re creating.

Next, add a short summary of your service. This can be one or two sentences describing what your service does and how it can benefit your clients.


The text you add on the summary will show up on the Our Services section on the home page and Services page. 


After adding your summary, you may proceed to add more details about your service. Let your customers know what the service is about, what problems or issues it can solve, and why they should trust you. 

You can add headings, paragraphs, images, and videos.


Once you’re done, click  savebtn