Setting up Purchase Order (Ecommerce Only)

Purchase orders are useful for websites that specialise on business-to-business transactions or transactions with account customers. Purchase orders will require the customers' Purchase Order (PO) number, which is stored in the Zeald 'Orders' module against the order. They will be billed at the end of the month for their purchases. 

NOTE:   The Zeald system does not have credit control facilities, which can help you track Purchase Orders and bill customers.  You will have to do this manually. 


Take note that Purchase Order is only available for Ecommerce Sites. 

Setting up Purchase Order

  1. On your admin dashboard, go to Preferences > General.
  2. Click the Payment drop-down. 
    step2 alternativepaymentmethod
  3. On Accept purchase order, select Yes
  4. Go to the  Content > Content Tree. 
    content contenttree

  5. Go to Standard pages and look for Checkout
    standard checkout
  6. Click Live Edit
  7. Click Show Editing Tools.

  8. Click  Edit Component in the Payment component.  
  9. Scroll down to Accept purchase orders? and select Yes.
  10. Click Save