Category Text and Images

Additional Content on a category page

Additional content such as text, images and even links to document files (for example a PDF catalogue of the category) may be added to the category page, above the item list. There are 4 types of content that can be added to a top-level category page using the Rich text Editor:

  • Text

  • Images

  • Links to document files

  • Tables

It can be particularly advantageous to add text to a category page as text is used by search engines to determine the information on a page and catalogue it, so increasing the likelihood of the search engine returning a match to a users search. Web pages that do not contain much text are not easily catalogued by search engines. If a page cannot be added to a search engines index, a browser cannot use that search engine to find the page.

Images may be inserted onto the page using either

The browse button enables the uploading of a single image onto the page. It does not enable the insertion of any other type of content. However you can use the Description field to enter text and add it to the page.

The Rich Text Editor is a small application that works in a similar way to a word processor in that it enables you to add multiple content types e.g. text, tables, hyperlinks, etc. to a Web page and format that content without needing to know html.

The differences between the 2 methods are as follows:

Factor Browse Button Rich Text Editor
Uploading and insertion process Uploading and insertion of images is quick and easy Uploading and insertion of images is more complex
Number of images Only one image may be uploaded / inserted Multiple images may be uploaded / inserted
Layout There is no flexibility of layout, the image will always display above the list of items to the left of the page body Flexible positioning of images to left or right of page body, and with other elements e.g text
Image editing accessibility The browse button does not enable access to the inbuilt image editor. Images must be resized using external applications or the inbuilt editor (accessed via the rich text editor) before uploading Access to the inbuilt image editor is gained via the rich text editor (if required)

Add content to a category page

  1. Click on the Items tab and this will display the item tree by default

  2. Click on the name of the category to which you wish to add content, e.g. "Bathtime". This will highlight the category and display the actions that may be performed with regard to that category

  3. Click on the Edit category link

  4. This will display the category editor page as an editable form. Any details that already exist for the category will be displayed in the form

  5. To add text, click the cursor into the description input box. Enter the text and apply any formatting required

  6. Learn how to upload document files

  7. Learn how to insert a table

  8. Learn how to add an image using the Browse button

  9. Learn how to add an image using the Rich text editor

  10. Click Save

  11. This will return you to the item tree page. The top-level category, represented by a folder icon, will be highlighted by a blue bar, displaying all the actions that may be performed on it