Setup Alternate (non-Credit Card) Payment Methods

In addition to supporting Credit Card and Pay Pal processing, your Zeald e-commerce or e-business to business website supports a number of alternative payment methods.  You can control which payment methods are available to customers.  When a website customer reaches your checkout page, they can select from a variety of ways to pay:


In addition to the above options, we also support Poli and DPS account2account, which use a customer's online banking details to make payment directly from their bank account. For more information on setting up either of these methods, please email or call 0508 932 748 ext 3.

Non-credit card payment methods

  • Direct Credit

    The customer transfers the money directly into your bank account. You ship the goods once the payment has been received and verified.

  • Cheque

    The customer sends you a cheque. You ship the goods once the cheque has been received and processed.

  • Purchase Order (Ecommerce websites only)

    Purchase orders are useful for websites that specialise in business-to-business transactions or transactions with account customers. The customer enters a purchase order number and the goods are shipped to the customer. The customer is billed at the end of the month for their purchases.  Please note this feature is only available if you have purchased a Zeald Ecommerce website.  

  • Cash on Delivery

    Goods are shipped to the customer and the customer pays via cheque or cash on delivery.


Set Payment Methods for all Website Users

To control which payment methods you have available to users:
  1. Go to Preferences > General.
  2. Click Payment.  
    step2 alternativepaymentmethod

In the example below, 'Accept Direct Credit' is set to yes.
directcredit alternativepaymentmethod-233

'Direct Credit' will show as a payment option to website users.  If it was not desired to accept Direct Credit, then this option can be set to 'No', in which case 'Direct Credit' will not appear as a payment option for website customers. 
directcredit alternativepaymentmethod frontend

Available Payment Methods are:
  • Direct Credit.  With a direct credit payment, the customer is automatically sent an email after purchase with your bank account details (as you enter them under 'Preferences' > 'Payment').  Once you have received funds you supply the goods.
  • Purchase Order.  The customer enters a Purchase Order Number which is stored in the Zeald 'Orders' module against the order.  This is commonly used for B2B transactions.  Note that this feature is only available if you have a Zeald Ecommerce + website.  Also note that the Zeald system does not have credit control facilities, you will need to manually track Purchase Order orders and bill customers.
  • Cheque.  The order proceeds, once you receive the cheque you ship the goods.
  • Cash on Delivery.  The order proceeds, once the customer pays and uploads the goods the order can be marked as shipped.

Set Payment Methods for logged in Members

If you wish you can have different payment methods available to logged in website users than the ones available to the public.  The most common usage of this feature is to have extra payment methods (e.g Direct Credit) available to logged in members

To enable this facility navigate in your admin area to the 'Preferences' tab, click the blue 'Payment Link', and scroll to the 'Member Payment Methods' section.  You can then enable and disable payment methods for logged in members as desired.

Advanced Payment Method Settings

There are a number of advanced settings that can be applied to the various payment methods.  For example you can control the informational text that is presented to users when they select a specific payment methods.  Also you can assign different names to the various payment methods.  For example your business may have a different name for 'Cash on Delivery' - if desired you can give this payment method a different name.  You can even specify different payment methods for customers who are part of a defined customer group.

To set up Advanced Payment Method settings:
  1. Navigate in your admin area to the 'Content' tab, and expand our the 'Standard Pages' group
  2. Click on the 'Checkout' page and select to 'View this page in edit mode'
  3. Scroll to the bottom of this page to the 'checkout_payment' component and click on the pencil icon to edit this component
  4. An edit page with a variety of options will pop up.  On the right of each field is help text explaining the function of each field setting