Contact Preferences

It is very important that you set the contact preferences of your website before your website goes live. Once you have done so, please place a test enquiry and if applicable, a test order on your website in order to check all is working correctly.

You can use the General section under the Preferences tab of your website manager to setup or change the contact preferences for your website.


Please note the email contact preferences are not relevant to a E-profile website


Please specify the following contact preferences:
  • Primary Email: The email address where enquiries and orders go. Also the "from" address in most emails
  • Enquiry From Address - The email address where enquiries are from (if not specified 'Primary Email' is used)
  • From address for notification emails:  The address that notification emails to the primary email address come from.  Set this if you are having problems with your spam filter blocking your notification email. If you leave this blank, then "" will be used.  
  • Info email address: The email address where member signup notifications go if new members require admin approval
  • Service email address: From address for lost passwords
  • Support email: Given on the receipt and in other places as a contact address for the company support

Company Information

Please complete all the fields under the "Company Information" section Including:
  • Primary Country:  Where your company is based.  This will set your default currency, tax, receipt formats, and other settings.
  • Company Name
  • Address
  • City
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • GST Number

This information will often appear in the Footer of your website.

Order Notifications


From January 2011, all new Zeald websites will have the Rich Text emails by default, but existing clients will have to manually switch from Plain Text to Rich Text.

Should you upgrade to the new Rich Text emails?


In most cases the answer is yes - they give much better usability to your users. Almost everyone these days can view richtext emails.

There are a couple of reasons why you might not want to though:

If you have had your old plain text email customised, the new Rich Text email won't include these customisations. You can continue to use the plain text email, you could switch to the Rich Text email and just accept that you will lose your customisation as a trade off, or you can contact if you would like to have the Rich Text version of the email customised to match your Plain Text email. Please understand that this is a new customisation and there will be a fee for involved.

If for any reason you have troubles with the Rich Text emails, you can always change back to the Plain Text emails at any time.

In some (rare) cases, Rich Text emails are more likely to be misidentified as spam by spam filters. We have purposefully kept the emails simple to avoid this so its probably unlikely, but if you do have trouble with this then you should return to the Plain Text emails.

Changing this setting effects:

1. Customer order confirmation emails (the email the customer gets when they make an order in the website front-end)

2. The website administrator's order notification email - the email you get telling you that an order has been made on your website.

Please note order notifications only apply to E-Commerce and E-B2B websites

How to enable the Rich Text order emails

  • In Website Manager, click on the Preferences tab
  • Under Contact Settings > Order Notifications
  • Change the Email format option HTML Richtext
We recommend you make a test order using your own email address so you can see what the emails look like.



Format Receipts 

This is applicable to E-commerce sites.  If you would like to set a receipt format different from that of the default for your primary country, you can select another country from the drop-down menu.  

Format receipts

Email Signature

You can personalise your email signature using html tags of your preferred text format.  

Bold <b> Text Here </b>
Underlined  <u> Text Here </u>
Italic <em> Text Here </em>​