Editing & Renaming Categories

  1. To edit or rename a category, click on the Items tab
  2. This will display the item tree by default. Click on the name of the category that you wish to edit
  3. This will highlight the category, e.g. "Bathtime", and display the actions that may be performed with regard to that category. Click on the edit category link
  4. This will display the category editor page as an editable form. Any details that already exist for the category will be displayed in the form
  5. The category name may be edited or renamed if required by clicking the cursor into the Name input box

    Please note:
    Category names must not contain either a forward or backward slash; including these will prevent the category displaying in the front end of the website. The name may include spaces, ‘&’ symbols or hyphens however
  6. To edit the category page description / content, or add content, click the cursor into the description input box and make the required changes
  7. To change an existing image or to add an image to the front end category page (this will display above the list of items, to the right of the page body), click on the browse button next to the image input box
  8. This will display the file upload dialogue box. Browse for the image you wish to upload. When you have found on it, click on it to select / highlight it
  9. Click Open. This will close the file upload dialogue box. The pathway to the image will have been inserted into the image input box
  10. Existing metadata may be edited or entered into the description, image and metadata input boxes if required
  11. Click Save
  12. This will return you to the item tree page. The top-level category, represented by a folder icon, will be highlighted by a blue bar, displaying all the actions that may be performed on it