Linking to files & documents such as PDFs

You can upload and link to files such as PDF's, Microsoft Word documents, large images or Excel files by following the steps below

Step 1. Create a link

Firstly - check that your file names do not contain spaces or characters such as #, $, @ or full stops. You are permitted to use letters, numbers, hypens and underscores eg this_is_the_best_filename-01.pdf
  1. You will be making the links in your content editor. So you want to be editing the page where you will be adding the pdf document. 
  2. Highlight the text (or image) e.g. 'Click here to see the pdf' or 'select the image you want to link to'. 
  3. Click on the Insert/Edit Link icon link icon to open the Link Manager
    link window small
  4. Select the link type as URL
  5. Click on btn linktoafile
  6. If you can see the file or image that is already in there simply click on it and save.

Step 2: Upload file

  1. Go to the folder that you want to upload your file into - then click on the Upload button

    upload file small(copy)
  2. You'll then see your own computer files - find where you have the file saved, and double-click the file that you wish to upload.
  3. The file will upload and be automatically selected. Click btn insert
  4. That window will close and you will see that the file address has been put in the URL text box
    link URL small
  5. Click OK

Step 3: Open in a new window

When you link to a file such as a PDF or an image, you should in most cases open the file in a new window so that the user can easily find their way back to your website without having to use the browser back button. To do this:
  1. In the Link Manager after you have chosen the file to link to, click on the Target tab at the top of the window
  2. From the Target dropdown box, select the target New Window (_blank) to ensure that the page opens into a new window. The Target Frame Name will automatically be filled in
    new window
  3. Click OK


In order to change a pdf that is already on the webiste, to perhaps a more updated version, it is a good idea to firstly remove the link to the PDF by clicking on it and then selecting the "break link" icon


Then you can highlight the text that needs to be linked, and upload the pdf as per the instructions at the top of the page 

Please note: If you are uploading a pdf with the same name, there will be a period while the file "caches" which means it may not update immediately so you would be best to rename the new file with a brand new name (ensuring there are no spaces or characters other than _ or - in the name)