Add Flash to your website

Macromedia Flash

You can put Flash .swf movies on your website content pages using the Rich Text Editor. Use the Image Manager  to upload the .swf file and the Flash Dialog RTE_19.gif to create the necessary HTML
  1. First you need to upload the .swf file to the server. You can do this using the Image Manager
  2. Create a new folder for videos to hold your .swf files by clicking on the new folder button
  3. Now you can upload the .swf file into the video folder. Click the Browse button  ,find the video you want to upload and click Open
  4. Next click on the Upload button
  5. Close the window with the X button
  6. Now click on the Flash button
  7. Click the Browse server button  and find the video you uploaded into the Image Manager
  8. You need to enter the width and height of your movie, so that it appears correctly on the homepage
  9. Click OK