How to Resize an Image

You may prefer to resize your images prior to uploading into the website using photo editing software that you are familiar with, or you can resize photos once you have uploaded them into the website.
  1. To upload an image, you need to be in editing a page and click on the Image icon icon_image_manager.png to open the Image Manager window
  2. Go to the folder in your website where you want to store your image - then click on the Upload button btn upload
  3. You can create a new folder by clicking btn newfolder
    Note: it is not possible to move folders and images between folders so please ensure that you set this up correctly to begin with.
    upload image
  4. You'll then see your own computer files - find where you have the file saved, and double-click the image that you wish to upload
    browse computer small
  5. You'll see a progress box at the top as your file uploads - you can upload multiple files at once by using shift+click or ctrl+click to select more than one from your computer. A full green bar and 'Done' status shows when the upload is complete.
    upload progress
  6. Your image will appear as a thumbnail in the folder, and will automatically be selected.
    image manager duckimage1
  7. Click on the blue "crop, resize or edit this image" link: btn crop
  8. Select "Resize" 
  9. You will see the width and height of the image there, simply put your cursor in that width field and type in the width of the image you wish to resize it to (note - it must be smaller in size, not larger) - the height will automatically adjustresize-width
  10. Once you have the correct size, click the blue "Apply" button and then the blue "Save" button (a quirk of the system is that sometimes you may need to click Save more than once.