My customer wants a GST invoice/receipt

If your customer would like a GST invoice or receipt, the best option is to use your accounting software such as MYOB, Xero etc.
We offer a Printable Invoice option as a convenience - you may choose to use it as a packing slip and it may (depending on legal requirements in your country of business, and how you have configured your website) also be used as a GST invoice or receipt.

  • If you are unsure whether your prices are GST inclusive or exclusive, please check under Preferences > Tax/GST in Website Manager (if you have no tax rates setup, then your prices are GST inclusive).

Depending on who you sell to (individual customers vs. businesses (B2B), and which country you sell to (NZ vs. international), your options are... 

Selling only to individuals in New Zealand

If you only sell to individual customers in NZ, then you most likely list your prices GST inclusive on your website. You can request us to have your GST number, and "Total including GST" to appear on your Printable Invoice.

Please note this will appear on all orders so if you have a change of circumstances and sell overseas you will need to change this.

You only need to provide a GST number, or mention that your total includes GST if your orders are over $50.

Selling to individuals in New Zealand & International

If you sell to individuals in NZ, as well as overseas then your prices are likely to be GST exclusive on your website. You will have setup tax for NZ, and other applicable overseas countries, which means the Printable Invoice will display the tax line.


Business to Business (B2B), selling NZ and or International

If you sell Business to Business (as well as selling overseas) then you prices are most likely to be GST exclusive, this means you will have setup tax for New Zealand (and other countries if you sell overseas).
This means, that the Printable Invoice will display the tax line.