Create a call link for smartphones

If users are browsing your website on a smart phone (or other mobile phone), you want to make your website as usable as possible. This is especially true if you have a responsive version of your website design, which we've made especially for your mobile users. Check out how you can add Responsive Design to your website.

This page explains how to quickly and easily create a phone number link that allows users to dial your number just by tapping it with their finger.

1. Edit the page you want your number on and type in the phone number (or text like 'call us' if you prefer) or edit the component which already has your phone number in it (usually this is in the header of your website). If you don't have access to edit this component, contact our Support team who can give you access.

2. Highlight the number and click on the link icon link icon

3. Under the 'Protocol' dropdown select <other> and type in 'tel:' and then your number.
link tel

4. Click Save