Backup your website

Before you put your new website live, you should create a backup of your original website.  

Please note - the instructions here were correct at the time of writing this - the httrack software may have changed since - unfortunately that is beyond our control. 

1. Download and install HTTrack Website Copier.
2. Click Next.

Step1 backup
3. Enter Project Name and Project Category,  then click "..." to select your download location.  Once done, click  Next.
Step2 backup

 Click Action drop-down and select  Download web site(s).
Step3 backup  

Enter the website URL on the Web Addresses: (URL) field.  NOTE:  Alternatively, you can add a website by clicking the Add URL... button, then adding the URL of the website.  

If you would like setting advanced options like proxy, Flow Control and MIME types, or, if you would like to exclude certain types of files and link, click  Set options...   NOTE:   Use this feature at your own risk.  

Click Next.  

8. Select a  connection from the  Connect to this provider  dropdown.
Step6 backup

Click Finish  to start download.  
9. Once done, click  Browse Mirrored Website  to view the copy of your website.  

Step9 backup

NOTE:    Not all components will be downloaded.  To know which components were not downloaded, click  View error log.  
10. Zip your website files into a compressed folder. You should upload this to your Google Drive folder to keep safe.