Readable URL for Content Collections

URLs are powerful tools for achieving SEO success. When configured correctly, URLs can help you become more visible to online customers which can then result in more profit.

A more readable URL makes it easier for Google to measure the relevance of your content against the user’s search query. It makes your business more searchable online. And the more searchable you are, the better exposure it will give your business. It maximises the chances of users clicking and sharing your links, and helps users understand what to expect upon clicking your link.

We have made URLs for content collections more readable and more search engine friendly.
Each product will have its own unique and readable website address that is more search friendly, thus, improving the page’s Google ranking. 

Example: The Meet the Team collection or the Our Services collection.

We have done this by adding a “slug” field in the admin for a content collection, similar to how it currently works for Content and Product pages.


Text entered into the slug field will be set as the unique website address (URL) for the page. The best practice is to have it in lowercase and contain only alphanumeric characters with dashes in place of spaces. 

Take extra caution in changing an established URL slug as it can impact your Google rankings for the page.

Example: Instead of this:

It will read more like:

Here are easy steps to follow:

For example, using the, just log in as an admin (


Then, choose which page URL you want to edit:

Click the Content button first.


What will appear would be this:


So, choose which page URL you wish to edit.  For example, if you wish to edit Services, just click it and this will appear:


From that highlighted “slug”, you may now edit it to your desired URL, for example, I will add the word “quality” to make it quality services as shown below:


After that, just click the save button to keep any changes.


On your own, you can easily change your URLs to be even more searchable and readable, which are vital factors to drive sales and conversions.